Lego and rubik’s cube. Solved.

Lego has always been cool.  Sure, you can follow the build plan, but there’s so much more you can build.  My 10yr old son and 9yr old daughter have been into scratch for a while and wanted to start writing code in python and javascript/html/css.  More on the latter later.  Did you know that Lego Mindstorms works much like a raspberry pi?  You can boot off of an sd card, without touching the firmware, and control all the mindstorms components from python!  Check out the site for more on the subject!
We have to use python since LabView does not run on linux (yes it does, but not without the usual little headaches).

My son found the build plans and built it together with his sister.  We then first got to boot the thing in ev3dev and started with little routines to get the arm and cube platform to move, identify colors etc..

Some time later, after a few build corrections and code updates, this is the result.

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