Build an IOS app on Linux – without MAC – using React Native

I found myself not finding an app in the apple store that accommodates my requirements.  I have built an app in the past using mac + xcode which works nicely, but now I have an ubuntu running on my lenovo yoga.  So no Mac.  I have been reading about React and React Native so that’s what I’ll try.  It would allow me to publish the app not only for ios but also for android. Also, saves me from investing in a Mac.  And on top of that, I learn React to build apps just about anywhere.  Win Win Win…

I don’t want to waste time with hackintosh, vm, simulators etc.  I really want this to work.

My two new programming languages for this year will now be Golang (backed by Google) and React (facebook).


So we need Nodejs and expo.  Coding is done in either the online Expo IDE or XDE offline.  On the iPhone, we need the expo client.

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